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Action! promotes the employment of female professionals in the audiovisual field, develops measures to
remove obstacles and supports women’s employment in the sector. Over the past few years, it has become clear that gender
equality in the Finnish audiovisual industry is realized poorly or not at all. Inequality is an obvious barrier and women's
unused creative and professional competence is an untapped potential.

Equality-related information is unavailable because the industry has not kept statistics. This demonstrates the
authorities’ and the industry’s lack of interest in gender issues. This has rendered any solutions to alter the gender imbalance impactless.

National and international research shows that while women and men are equally trained in the field, films directed
and produced by women receive only one quarter of the public support. The situation is similar elsewhere in Europe and various
EU bodies and audiovisual institutions have published development programs and other initiatives to increase equality and diversity.
Action! project focuses on removing the barriers women face in the Finnish audiovisual industry. The project consists of mentoring,
other initiatives of professional and career development, specific tools to support women’s employment, unconscious bias training, project
incubator, research and measures to develop statistics and communication agenda.

The three-year project will be carried in partnership with Aalto University School of Art and Design, Department of Film and
Scenography and Women in Film and Television Finland (WIFT Finland).